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Evening Out Pigment in Pigmented Skin

Evening Out Pigment in Pigmented Skin

You put a lot of energy into skin care, and you want your skin to look its best, with an even, dewy glow. However, areas of hyperpigmentation can disrupt your even skin tone, damaging your confidence.

Hyperpigmentation can affect you no matter your skin color. And, in the past, it’s been more of a challenge to treat hyperpigmentation areas on darker skin tones than lighter ones, due to the less dramatic color differential between dark spots and healthy skin.

Dr. Karin Harp, MD, FAAD, FASDS, Dr. Aria Vazirnia MD, MAS, FAAD, Kristin Rupert PA-C, Mary Hanna MSN, NP-BC, Riley McCarthy RN, Lani Keene LE, and the Apex Dermatology team have the expertise you can trust when it comes to dealing with pigment problems in highly pigmented, darker skin.

We provide hyperpigmentation treatment from a convenient location in Westlake Village, California. One of our most powerful tools? PIQo Toning and PIQo4 for melasma. Here’s what you need to know about this revolutionary treatment option.

New wavelengths in laser treatment for pigmentation problems

Laser treatment has become a common component of skin care routines. The PIQo4 laser takes laser skin treatment to new levels, with four different wavelengths used in the state-of-the-art technology.

With the PIQo4 laser, it’s now possible to remove or even pigmentation, including melasma and tattoos, from skin of all types and shades. This is a major breakthrough, making the benefits of laser skin treatment available more widely.

The treatment uses nanosecond pulses to break down larger and deeper areas of pigmentation, and picosecond pulses to address smaller particles of pigmentation located closer to the surface of your skin.

After your treatment, your skin cells naturally and gradually flush away the broken-down particles. You may need multiple treatment sessions, spaced apart to let your skin recover, to fully reduce dark spots and areas of hyperpigmentation.

Benefits of PIQo4 laser treatment

PIQo4 treatment can be used to address skin issues including irregular pigmentation resulting from acne, sun exposure, and aging.

Treatment with the PIQo4 laser gives you results quicker than other laser systems on the market. And, the technology’s larger spot size makes it ideal for dealing with hyperpigmentation.

This type of laser treatment is highly effective for people of color, working safely on all skin tones. Older laser therapies could cause burns or scars on patients with darker skin. The PIQo4 laser represents a significant breakthrough in addressing areas of dark pigmentation on already pigmented skin.

Professional laser skin care

There are still some risks associated with laser treatment, so it’s important to work with highly skilled professionals like the team at Apex Dermatology. The Board-Certified Dermatology lead team is adept and advanced in successful and safe treatment modalities for pigmented skin including the PiQ04 laser along with Laser Genesis, Clear+Brilliant, Fraxel as well as energy-based non-lasers such as the Morpheus8.

With each treatment session you will be advised in the best skin care for your no-downtime or some downtime requiring procedure whether you have mature skin, acne-prone skin, dry skin, normal or combination in addition to your own personal pigment palette.

To learn more about how PIQo4 laser treatment could help to improve your skin tone and reduce areas of hyperpigmentation, consult with our Board-Certified Dermatology aesthetics and skin care experts today. Schedule your initial consultation appointment online or over the phone now. 

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