How Laser Genesis Can Benefit Your Skin

How Laser Genesis Can Benefit Your Skin

Your skin can take a lot of damage over the course of a day, week, or season, from harsh ultraviolet (UV) light exposure in the sunshine, to the ravages of conditions like acne and rosacea. Apex’s expert dermatologic care offers quick and easy treatment solutions to give your skin the support it needs.

Laser Genesis treatment, also known as the “lunchtime laser,” is one of our popular skin care offerings at Apex Dermatology. We offer this skin-smoothing and blemish-erasing therapy from our state-of-the-art office in Westlake Village, California.

Let our experienced care team, including Laser Genesis providers Mary Hanna NP-BC and Kristin Rupert PA-C, transform your skin in less time than you need for a lunch break! You may be amazed at the no-downtime results you can achieve after each treatment session. Results improve with each treatment and can be particularly nice after three treatments.  If you have a chronic skin problem, repeated Laser Genesis treatments can improve your skin health, appearance, and self-esteem.

How Laser Genesis works

When you come in for a Laser Genesis treatment, you can be confident that you’ll leave in less than an hour with improved skin tone, reduced blemish visibility, and no post-treatment redness or peeling. 

Here’s the secret to Laser Genesis skin care success:

Laser Genesis treatment targets the surface layers of your skin. The safe and comfortable laser technology gently stimulates your skin cells to even out pigment, fade redness, and reduce acne scars. 

With one or more treatments, you can see a transformation in your skin tone, and reduced appearance of surface-level skin blemishes. Laser Genesis therapy leaves your skin glowing, youthful-looking, and totally refreshed.  This is also a great way to tone things up before an event due to the lack of downtime.

The benefits of Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis treatment can improve your skin in multiple ways:

You might opt for Laser Genesis as part of a treatment plan to manage chronic acne, reduce acne scarring or to turn back the clock on a summer’s worth of sun damage. Teens really appreciate this treatment to comfortably reduce acne facial marks and scars.  Laser Genesis can even be combined with Excel V director treatments to active acne spots as an additional and valuable service.  You can use Laser Genesis to smooth facial scarring, and Laser Genesis treatment also works to effectively manage the visible redness from rosacea or broken facial blood vessels.  Gradual results can be achieved with laser genesis.  Stronger lasers are also available for more targeted or more dramatic results if desired.  Book your cosmetic consultation to discuss which treatment will be best for you.

After one or more Laser Genesis treatments, the surface of your skin is refreshed, brightened, and smoothed. Fine lines and wrinkles are becoming visible, reversing visible signs of aging in your facial skin. Laser Genesis therapy can even reduce the size of your pores gradually over time.  No numbing is required.  The treatment is warm and comfortable and settings are chosen to best match your skin type.  

Quick and easy cosmetic dermatology treatment

Laser Genesis treatment stands out as a quick, easy, low-risk way to gently improve your skin tone. Unlike other cosmetic procedures that can leave your skin in recovery mode for days or weeks after your treatment session, the lunchtime laser doesn’t come with recovery time, or even any significant discomfort during the procedure.

The team at Apex Dermatology always aims for customer service excellence, and the Laser Genesis treatment is no exception. To learn more about how your skin could improve with Laser Genesis treatment, get in touch with the laser therapy and skin care experts at Apex Dermatology today.

You can schedule an appointment over the phone now. 

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