Reasons We Love Chemical Peels

Reasons We Love Chemical Peels

Think about just how many factors impact your skin. There’s sun, wind, stress, cosmetics, chemicals, and more. The outer layers of your skin bear the brunt of all kinds of exposure, from sun damage to stress lines and wrinkles.

This summer, let Dr. Karin Harp, MD, FAAD, FASDS, Dr. Aria Vazirnia MD, MAS, FAAD, Kristin Rupert PA-C, Mary Hanna MSN, NP-BC, Riley McCarthy RN, Lani Keene LE, Kailey Jones LE and the Apex Dermatology team from the state-of-the-art office in Westlake Village, California, tell you about all the reasons they recommend chemical peels for great skin renewal results.

Why opt for a Chemical Peel?

In the hands of our expert skin care technicians, a chemical peel provides a way to clear away visible damage from the exterior of your skin. Chemical peels use a safe amount of carefully controlled acid to wash the surface of your skin, peeling away the outermost layer and revealing the unblemished skin beneath.

Quick Results

Expect to see some post-treatment redness and peeling for the first few days, with results appearing 3-5 days after your appointment. Multiple treatments may be required depending on which peel you are doing, your skin type, and your aesthetic goals.

Targeted formulas

Chemical peels aren’t one-size-fits-all. When you opt for a chemical peel, you get lots of options to choose from. 

Your chemical peel selections can include:

Talk to your provider at Apex Dermatology about the right chemical peel treatment for your skin care needs.

At Apex Dermatology, you can rely on our team of experts to provide top-quality skin care and cosmetic treatment with an artistic, medically certified hand. Our Licensed Estheticians, Lani Keene and Kailey Jones have advanced training in dermal treatment techniques, including chemical peels.

To learn more about all the ways that a chemical peel treatment could improve your skin, get in touch with the team at Apex Dermatology today. Schedule your initial consultation appointment by clicking the link belore or call our office to book your session.

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