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Refresh and Restore with Laser Excellence

Refresh and Restore with Laser Excellence

What if you could polish off the blemishes and imperfections on the surface of your skin, starting anew with a fresh, dewy, clear layer? With laser dermatology treatments, you absolutely can. And, that’s not all that laser therapy can do for you.

At Apex Dermatology, our team of skin care specialists offer a full range of laser skin resurfacing treatments and therapies to improve the condition and appearance of your skin. Sun damage, say goodbye! After laser skin resurfacing, you’ll love how your skin looks and feels.

Dr. Karin Harp, MD, FAAD, FASDS, Dr. Aria Vazirnia MD, MAS, FAAD, Kristin Rupert PA-C, Mary Hanna MSN, NP-BC, Riley McCarthy RN, Lani Keene LE, and the Apex Dermatology team provide treatment to new and existing patients from our location in Westlake Village, California. How many of our laser treatment offerings could you benefit from this spring?

Sun damage and your skin

Your skin takes a lot of damage every day, just by being out and about. For one thing, sunlight contains harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation that can cause sunburns. Even in smaller doses, sun exposure can cause lasting damage to your skin, including texture roughness and dark spots of hyperpigmentation.

As you get older, damage to your skin contributes to the age you visually present. Addressing skin issues like sun damage is a great way to look years younger after just a few treatments. And, laser skin resurfacing treatments provide a great way to do just that.

Laser skin treatments to refresh and restore

At Apex Dermatology, our team offers several types of laser skin treatment, so we can recommend the absolute best procedure for your unique skin care and treatment needs.


The Fraxel® Dual Laser system addresses surface skin damage and deep-layer skin rejuvenation in one effective treatment. This comprehensive skin restoration treatment only takes about half an hour to complete. 

With Fraxel treatment, expect several days of skin peeling and post-treatment recovery. As new collagen develops, your results look better and better in the coming weeks.

Juliet Aesthetic for Fractional Erbium Plus Excel

This laser resurfacing treatment is less intensive and more gentle than the Fraxel, with no downtime after treatment. And, your provider at Apex Dermatology supplements your treatment with Excel V photofacial therapy, breaking down imperfections on the surface of your skin. This treatment is good for all skin types!

Clear + Brilliant

This laser treatment system, like the Fraxel, comes to you from Solta Medical. Clear + Brilliant treatment is comfortable, with no post-treatment downtime needed. A treatment session only takes 10-20 minutes! The system uses specialized smart-tip technology to remove surface skin damage and stimulate post-treatment collagen production.

Talk to your provider about your aesthetic goals, and see what laser skin treatments they recommend for you!

Total skin restoration results

Apex Dermatology offers the procedures you need to attain your perfect skin restoration results. If you’re ready to embrace dewy, refreshed, younger-looking skin this spring, get in touch with our team today for your personalized recommendations and treatment plan.

Our experienced providers deliver consistent, great-looking results, supporting your skin while ensuring your continuing comfort.

To schedule your initial consultation appointment with a member of our talented team, contact us over the phone today, or request your appointment online now. 

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