Trusculpt iD to reduce double-chin, bra fat, belly, thighs, knees, cankles

No matter how much you commit to healthier diet choices, regular and targeted workouts, and other lifestyle changes, you might still have stubborn areas of fat in locations around your body. The persistence of fat in your face, bust, belly, and legs can feel frustrating as you continue to do everything you can to meet your weight loss and aesthetic goals.

You should know that help is available, without the complications and risks of surgery. With Cutera TruSculpt® iD, you can harness the power of cutting-edge technology to non-surgically reduce stubborn pockets of fat.

Karin Harp, MD, FAAD and the care team at Apex Dermatology have the expertise you can trust when it comes to handling body sculpting procedures. Use TruSculpt iD to safely eliminate fat cells without liposuction. Here’s what you need to know about this revolutionary – and convenient – treatment option.

Breaking down stubborn fat cells

Some pockets of your body fat may just not respond to reduction through diet and exercise. That’s where TruSculpt iD comes in! This treatment uses monopolar radiofrequency (RF) energy technology to heat the entire layer of fat under your skin, while not causing discomfort to your surface skin.

You’ll only need 15 minutes of treatment to achieve lasting results as the heat destroys your fat cells for good. Your weight loss with TruSculpt iD comes from the total destruction of your subcutaneous fat cells. Your body will naturally eliminate dead cells over the weeks following your treatment session.

Your best results often appear in about 1 month, and full results take 12 weeks. Many patients can attain an overall 20-30% reduction of body fat thickness with just a single treatment, and you can schedule multiple sessions if needed to achieve your aesthetic goals. You won’t need any downtime after a TruSculpt iD appointment, and any visible redness or flushing will fade after the first day.

Locations to target for fat reduction

TruSculpt iD lets us sculpt multiple areas of your body at once. With one or more treatment sessions, you can achieve your ideal look in areas including:

Unlike fat-freezing options, TruSculpt iD won’t leave you uncomfortably numb. You’ll only experience a warming sensation during your treatment.

The FDA approves TruSculpt iD for treatment on patients with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 and above, making this procedure a great fit for all body types. However, TruSculpt iD is not a weight loss treatment. The procedure reduces pockets of stubborn fat. You may also see mild skin-tightening results, and a decreased appearance of cellulite, following your TruSculpt iD treatment session.

To learn more about what TruSculpt iD could do for your body sculpting and aesthetic goals in the New Year of 2021, get in touch with Dr. Harp at Apex Dermatology today. You can book online, or call our Westlake Village, California, office now.

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