Where do Wrinkles Come From?

Wrinkles. We all get them. Somewhere in our 30s, small lines appear around our eyes and forehead. Every time we smile or frown, we use our facial muscles. Over time, a groove forms under the surface of your skin, and as we get older, our skin no longer "snaps" back into place. Those grooves become wrinkles. The result is a face that looks tired or angry, even when relaxed.

How does Botox work?

Botox® is a nerve blocker that relaxes the muscles that causes the appearance of wrinkles. Treatments are quick and simple and require no downtime. Results should be seen as quickly as three days, with full effect in two weeks, and results that last for between 3 to 4 months.

At Apex Dermatology, we believe in a subtle application of Botox®, with the goal that people won't know you had any "work" done - you'll just look relaxed and refreshed. Botox® has been FDA approved for over 25 years, and dermatologists were the pioneers of its use in blocking facial nerves.

That’s why you can trust the board-certified medical team at Apex Dermatology in Westlake Village, California, to know the exact map of your facial nerves and muscles. Request your appointment online or call the office. 




Safety Information for Botox

Click here to read safety information about Botox.

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