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Treat Pre-Cancers and Adult Acne Quickly and Easily


New Tools in the Fight Against Skin Cancer

Actinic Keratoses (AKs) are rough-textured, dry, scaly patches on the skin (mostly on the face and scalp) which can lead to skin cancer. It is important to treat AKs because there is no way to tell when or which lesions will progress to squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), the second most common for of skin cancer. 

Our dermatologists detect AKs early and now with BLU-U® Blue Light Photodynamic Therapy in conjunction with Amleuz topical solution is a safe and effective way to treat them with no down time.

BLU-U® is a unique two-part treatment that uses a light activated drug therapy to destroy AKs. Amleuz is applied to the AK which absorbs the solution and converts it into a chemical that makes the cells extremely sensitive to light. When the AK cells are exposed to the BLU-U® Blue Light Illuminator, a reaction occurs which destroys the AK cells.

The 2-part treatment offers the following conveniences:
• No prescription to fill
• No daily medication to remember
• Treatment is administered by a qualified healthcare professional

BLU-U® fits your lifestyle:
• The 2-part, 2 office visit treatment is completed in less than 24 hours
• Low downtime
• High ratings for cosmetic response
• No scarring reported to date

Patients treated with Amleuz and BLU-U PDT should avoid exposure of the photosensitized lesions to sunlight or prolonged or intense light for at least 40 hours.

BLU-U® for Acne - It’s Not Just a Teen Problem 

Many people in their 20s and 30s have trouble with acne that’s hard to control. With BLU-U®, we have another tool to treat acne for people who are uncomfortable taking antibiotics or who are unsatisfied with topical treatments. 

The BLU-U uses a blue light that kills the P. acnes bacteria in your skin. Treatments are simple - you sit with your face close to the light for a short time, approximately a 17-minute session about once or twice per week. The treatments may go on for five weeks or so. It's safe, it's not hot, it's not painful. And in the end, your face will look fantastic.