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Mole Removal Specialist

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Whether you were born with a mole, making it a birthmark, or you’ve recently developed new moles, you may be wondering about the mole removal process. Our expert board-certified dermatologists and board-certified Dermatology PAs remove moles, and that’s why Apex Dermatology is the go-to provider for patients around the Westlake Village, California, area. You can count on Apex Dermatology’s experts for safe and efficient mole removal. Schedule your consultation by requesting an appointment online or by calling our office.

Mole Removal Q & A

What are moles?

Moles, the most common kind of skin growth, are small clusters of melanin-producing cells that tend to be brown or black. However, moles can be of any color. They may be flat or slightly bumpy.

Most children, men, and women have moles at some point in their lives. If a child is born with a mole, it's classified as a birthmark, but anytime after birth, it's medically considered a mole.

Do moles mean I have skin cancer?

Usually, moles aren’t cancerous. But sometimes skin cancer mimics a mole in its early stages. Occasionally, skin cancer starts within a mole. Some moles become atypical through genetics or sun exposure or a combination of the two.  The best way to know the difference between normal moles and potentially cancerous ones is to have regular skin exams with the team at Apex Dermatology.

Regular monthly skin checks at home can also help you recognize problem moles. New moles that grow rapidly, bleed, or itch persistently are all possible signs of atypia and are recommended for a check-up.

Melanoma, the most worrisome skin cancer, often has distinctive symptoms. You can use the  “ABCDE” melanoma checklist during your skin exams at home.

  • Asymmetry: Is the mole lopsided, with one side different than the other?
  • Borders: Are the borders ragged or uneven?
  • Color: Is the mole two or more different colors?
  • Diameter: Is the mole bigger than the eraser on a standard pencil?
  • Evolution: Has your mole changed recently in any way?

If you notice any of these symptoms, make an appointment with Apex Dermatology as soon as possible for evaluation and treatment.

How does mole removal work?

Apex Dermatology offers several mole removal options. Your board-certified care provider discusses the different options with you to find the best solution. If your mole has any signs of possible cancer or atypicality, your care provider may perform a biopsy on the removed tissue.

If your mole is atypical under the microscope, your Apex Dermatology provider may recommend further removal. All mole removal treatments are outpatient procedures.

If you’re worried about a mole or don’t like the way it looks, effective removal options are available. Call Apex Dermatology or request an appointment online for mole removal.