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Hair Loss Specialist

Apex Dermatology

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No matter your gender identity, hair loss can be intensely demoralizing and embarrassing. The dedicated team of board-certified care providers at Apex Dermatology in Westlake Village, California, understands your hair loss concerns and needs, so we offer highly effective solutions, either through medication or in the form of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. PRP therapy can help you regrow hair using your body’s own natural growth factors. Book your appointment online or by phone to get started now.

Hair Loss Q & A

What is PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is a treatment made from your own blood. The platelets in your blood contain a high concentration of growth factors that can intensify and speed up tissue regeneration and recovery, including hair regrowth.

During PRP therapy, your board-certified Apex Dermatology care provider concentrates your blood platelets, giving you up to 10 times as many growth factors. Then, your care provider places those powerful growth factors into your scalp to trigger follicle regeneration.

How does PRP treatment for hair loss work?

Your Apex Dermatology team takes a sample of blood into a highly specialized collection tube for the most robust serum. Next, your care provider spins the blood in a centrifuge until the platelets separate.

Your Apex Dermatology care provider uses an intra-procedure ice-pack to make sure that the injections are comfortable. After drawing the platelets into a syringe, they inject the PRP where you need hair regrowth.

Over the next several months after your series of four monthly treatments, you’ll notice new hair start to emerge from follicles that you’d thought were long dead. The new hair isn’t any old hair either: It’s high-quality growth that’s strong and healthy thanks to the power of your concentrated blood platelets.

How many PRP treatments for hair loss do I need?

It depends on your specific hair loss situation. Most patients have a series of PRP treatments, with monthly treatments for the first three to four months, then quarterly treatments thereafter.

Your Apex Dermatology care provider monitors your hair regrowth closely and can adjust your PRP treatment schedule based on your results and needs.

How can I maintain my new hair after PRP treatment for hair loss?

Once your hair has grown, your Apex Dermatology provider creates a strategy to help you maintain the quality and strength of your new locks. Many patients who regrow their hair with PRP therapy find that visits once or twice a year is enough to keep their healthy new hair.

Regardless of gender, everyone wants to look their best and a healthy head of hair is a big part of that. You can count on the board-certified dermatology experts at Apex Dermatology for the best in advanced PRP hair regrowth treatments. Call our office or request an appointment online.