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Scars Q & A

What causes acne scars?

The main reason for acne scars is severe skin trauma. This trauma is typically caused by the types of acne that affect the deeper layers of skin: cystic and nodular acne.

When your pores are filled with dead skin cells and extra oil, it creates a prime environment for bacteria growth. The rapid bacteria growth causes inflammation and eventually rupture. When your acne lesions rupture, dead skin, oil, and bacteria spill out, damaging your skin.

Your body works hard to repair the damage by creating collagen, but unfortunately, the repair job is often either too much or not enough. When you make too much collagen, you can develop raised scars. With too little collagen, your body can form skin pits and indentions.

How are scars treated?

Apex Dermatology offers state-of-the-art scar-reduction treatments, including:

  • Laser Genesis: effective and gentle collagen rebuilding, helps active acne and scars.
  • Excel-V®: laser treatment for red, purple, blue, or brown discoloration from acne scars
  • Clear + Brilliant®: a less intensive acne scar laser treatment with no downtime
  • Fraxel®: a method of laser skin resurfacing that treats even severe acne scars
  • Rejuvapen™: a microneedling treatment that resurfaces skin to reduce acne scars

Your Apex Dermatology care provider can discuss all the treatment options with you to help you choose the best one. Sometimes, a combination of treatments is the best approach.

How do I prevent acne scars?

The top tip for preventing acne scars is simple: Hands off! Avoid picking at your acne or touching your face. Keep your face clean and always remove your makeup before going to bed.

It’s also important to be aggressive about treating acne when it appears. The more proactive you are about treating acne now, the lower the chance that it can turn into more serious breakouts that are harder to control. Your Apex Dermatology care providers are here to help you keep acne well-controlled so you never have to deal with acne scars again.

Acne scars don’t have to mar your skin any longer. Call the Apex Dermatology office or request an appointment online for the best in advanced acne scar treatments.