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How to Get a Tighter Jawline Without Surgery

When you look in the mirror, do you like the shape of your jawline? Or, do you see sagging and drooping skin forming jowls that make you look older than you feel? You might wonder if you need cosmetic surgery to address this source of disappointment.

The good news is that you have many treatment options that can adjust the appearance of this common cosmetic problem area. And you don’t even have to consider surgery if that sounds too invasive at this point in your life. Non-surgical techniques can give you great skin-tightening and jawline-firming results.

Dr. Karin Harp, MD, FAAD, FASDS, Dr. Aria Vazirnia FAAD, Kristin Rupert PA-C, Sherri Anderson PA-C, Mary Hanna BC-NP. Lani Keene LE, Riley McCarthy RN, and the aesthetic experts at Apex Dermatology offer you a full range of options. 

From our Westlake Village, California, location, we use non-surgical treatments and therapies like truSculpt® iD, Kybella® injectables, Morpheus8, Thermage FLX and more to reduce or fully erase puffiness, sagging, and visible signs of aging around your chin and jaw. Strategically placed hyaluronic acid fillers in the cheeks and jawline can even provide redirection and lift.  Silhouette Instalift can provide 2 years or repositioning and lifting.  Here are some of your options for getting a tighter jawline without surgery.

Reduce fat and tighten skin with truSculpt iD

TruSculpt iD technology uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to stimulate the cells in a treatment area. At Apex Dermatology, this is one of the non-surgical treatments we recommend for addressing your under-chin area. You may need multiple treatment sessions for best results.

The RF applicators used in truSculpt iD treatment heat fat cells found beneath the surface of your skin, targeting and destroying them. Your body naturally flushes away dead fat cells in the following weeks, leaving the treatment area smoother, sleeker, and more contoured. TruSculpt iD also stimulates your cells to create new collagen, firming your treated skin over time.

Get rid of your double chin with Kybella

Kybella is the only FDA-approved injectable that targets double chins. After your injection, the active ingredients in Kybella go to work targeting and destroying fat cells under your chin. In just a few weeks, you can see noticeable slimming and contouring at your jawline, transforming your profile. This is done as a series of treatments.  Small amounts can be used in special areas to restructure and guide the face into the more ideal shapes.

Try non-surgical face-lifting with Thermage FLX

This type of treatment also uses RF energy for non-surgical contouring results. Non-invasive Thermage FLX only takes 30-90 minutes to perform. In addition to addressing your puffy jawline, Thermage FLX treatment smooths and tightens all of your facial skin for more complete anti-aging and rejuvenation results.  This device lifts and tightens skin without reducing fat cells.  It is for patient people who want to tone and lift with no downtime.  This is often done as a single treatment or coupled with Fraxel for a ThermaFrax.

Opt for an instant face-lift with the Silhouette InstaLift™

Another quick, effective, and non-surgical cosmetic option to tighten skin at your jawline and refresh your overall facial appearance, Silhouette InstaLift uses patented InstaLift thread technology. Here’s how it works.

In-office, the Apex Dermatology team positions the proprietary thread system beneath the outer layers of your skin. The threads allow even the deeper layers of your skin to be lifted for natural-appearing anti-aging. You see results immediately, and the treatment lasts 2 years.  Patient are regularly so happy with the treatment that they come back at 2-3 years for their next round.

Enjoy the reframing of your jawline with Volux or Defyne

Fillers can be used to redraw your jawline which creates a more ideal profile and helps to hide former jowls.  The hyaluronic acid fillers are placed with a cannula for safety, comfort and to reduce the risk of bruising.  Gently repositioning the mid-face and lower face can create improved facial harmony and reduce jowling.

To learn more about this and other options for non-surgical tightening, slimming, lifting and smoothing around your jawline and chin, get in touch with the Apex Dermatology team. Schedule your confidential consultation appointment by calling us today or request an appointment online now.

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