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Why Does My Skin Feel Rougher with Age?

There are so many ways your skin can give away your age or even make you look older than you really are. From fine lines and wrinkles to increasing roughness in texture, the years really do make a difference when it comes to your skin.

At Apex Dermatology, our team of experts understands the science behind skincare. Dr. Karin Harp, MD, FAAD, FASDS, Dr. Aria Vazirnia FAAD, Kristin Rupert PA-C, Sherri Anderson PA-C, Mary Hanna BC-NP. Lani Keene LE, Riley McCarthy RN and the team at our Westlake Village, California, location are here to help.

If your skin is rough, dry, or loose, talk to our providers about the right skin care treatments to restore your dewy glow. You may benefit from treatments and therapies likeSkinVive injectable moisturizer treatment,  Hydrafacial, facials, Morpheus 8  or Thermage skin tightening or laser skin resurfacing

Rough, dry, and loose: skin changes with age

Why does your skin tend to feel rougher and dryer as you age? Let’s review the facts.

Your skin is made up of multiple layers. The epidermis is outermost. This is the visible part of your skin. Your epidermis can be renewed by new epidermal cells rising up from the deeper layers of your skin.

Under your epidermis is your dermis. We find blood and lymph vessels, oil glands, and nerves in the dermis. Your dermis relies on several types of fibers to keep it smooth, strong, and flexible, including elastin and the protein collagen.

As you age, changes occur in all the layers of your skin that alter its outer appearance. Your cell production slows, as does your production of collagen and elastin. That leaves your skin looking thinner. Sun damage whether old or new contributes to breakdown and loss of the supportive structures of the skin.  Older, drier, or more sun-damaged skin is more prone to sags and wrinkles. 

The natural loss of oil glands results in your skin acquiring a rougher, more crepe-like texture than it had when you were younger.

Treatments to restore the smoothness of your skin

While many of these age-related changes in your skin are natural, you may still be troubled by the difference in your appearance and how your skin feels to the touch. Rough, dry, aging skin can feel itchy and may not look how you want to present yourself to the world.

With today’s cosmetic skin care treatment options, you don’t have to learn to live with roughened, aging skin. Your provider at Apex Dermatology can recommend the right treatment plan to restore your skin to its fresh appearance and smooth texture.

Depending on your skin type and condition, we may recommend you try:

We work with you to create a unique, comprehensive treatment plan to address your rough, dry, or visibly aging skin.

Are you ready to turn back the clock on your skin and achieve great healthy results? Contact the team at Apex Dermatology for your confidential consultation. Schedule your initial consultation appointment by calling now or booking with our online tool.

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