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Worried About Pain? 3 Reasons to Choose Pro-Nox™

Worried About Pain? 3 Reasons to Choose Pro-Nox™

Skin improvement, anti-aging, and cosmetic enhancement procedures can greatly improve your confidence. But, anxiety about pain during procedures may make you hesitant about taking the next step in your dream dermatology treatment plan.

At Apex Dermatology, Dr. Karin Harp, MD, FAAD, FASDS, Dr. Aria Vazirnia FAAD, Kristin Rupert PA-C, Sherri Anderson PA-C, Mary Hanna BC-NP. Lani Keene LE, Riley McCarthy RN, and the team are deeply experienced in patient care and contemporary aesthetics. 

For patients concerned about pain or anxiety, we offer Pro-Nox™ during treatment at our Westlake Village, California office. We want all our patients to have full access to our treatments and therapies. Pro-Nox is one of the ways we seek to ensure an optimized experience for everyone we treat. 

Is Pro-Nox right for you? Here are three major benefits of this pain and anxiety management tool.

1. Immediate relief

When you’re afraid of pain, the anticipation of lack of control is one of the worst parts of the experience. You know that over-the-counter pain medications may not take effect quickly enough to provide the relief that you could potentially need. 

That makes it more difficult to move forward with wanted cosmetic, anti-aging, or dermatology procedures like microneedling, radio-frequency microneedling, or resurfacing lasers that could involve some discomfort.

The 50% oxygen and 50% nitrous oxide mixture in Pro-Nox, FDA-approved for analgesia, works after just a few seconds. You hold your own comfort breathing tube and breathe the safe soothing mixture as you see fit.  It is easy, safe, and gives you relaxation and resilience to be able to enjoy any service you wish.  With Pro-Nox, you can get pain and stress under control fast, inhaling as soon as you feel like you need to in order to remain comfortable.

2. Patient-controlled

Pro-Nox puts you in control of your own pain and anxiety management. When you control your inhaled analgesia in the office, you gain confidence and independence. Think about how much more confident you’ll be after completing procedures with the support of Pro-Nox.

You won’t need to struggle to communicate your comfort adjustment needs in the middle of treatment since Pro-Nox puts you in the driver’s seat. This added bit of control may be exactly what you need to allow you to push past anxieties around desired treatments and procedures.

If a person wants less of the calming flow, they can breathe more room air.  If you want more relaxation, you can breathe from the simple mouthpiece.  It wears off to be able to stand in 5 minutes and it is safe to drive in 10 minutes.  This versatile service has been used in pediatrics, dentistry, OB, Urgent Care, Emergency Medicine, Plastics and Dermatology with excellent outcomes for a wide variety of ages and services.  

3. Quick recovery

Have you ever seen viral videos of people recovering from anesthesia after surgery, unable to focus? You might not want to be that significantly impaired. The good news is it’s unnecessary to worry about the lingering effects of Pro-Nox affecting you in the same way.

Pro-Nox doesn’t put you to sleep. And it clears your system almost as rapidly as it takes effect. You won’t need to get anyone to drive you home after appointments at Apex Dermatology if you opt to include Pro-Nox with your treatments. You’re steady and fully ready to drive yourself away by your appointment’s end.

If these benefits of Pro-Nox sound attractive to you, talk to Dr. Harp, Dr. Aria, Kristin, Mary, Sherri, Riley, Lani and the Apex Dermatology team about the role this pain and stress relief tool could play in your treatment. Call now or go online to schedule your initial consultation appointment to get started. 

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