Trust Us With Your Lips


  Dermal fillers are a cosmetic treatment that your provider injects below or within the surface of your skin. These gel-like solutions smooth out lines and wrinkles, replace lost volume, and enhance your facial contours. Fillers commonly contain hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance that your body produces less of as you age. 

     Many patients want to make sure their lips will still look natural with increased volume and hydration but not overdone. At Apex Dermatology our Board Certified providers are artists, they are all talented and experienced at giving patients that enhanced natural lip they are looking for. We offer several kinds of lip fillers including; Juvederm Ultra, Volbella, Belotero and more. Your provider will listen to your aesthetic goals and recommend the filler that will best suit your desired look. At Apex Dermatology our goal is to enhance the natural beauty of your lips. 

Your Apex Dermatology clinician can help you decide which type of filler will help you achieve your goals and customize a treatment for your individual needs. Here’s why our providers love helping patients attain their aspired appearance with lip filler: 

“Fillers allow us, as expert Dermatologic artists, to naturally protect, build and restore the balanced proportions of the individual face. It brings me great joy to see how happy Apex patients are with their results in our hands.”

- Dr. Karin Harp, MD, FAAD, FASDS


“Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers can be used to non-surgically rejuvenate the face and turn back the clock, giving a natural youthful appearance. Trust your face to an experienced professional.”

- Dr. Aria Vazirnia, MD, MAS, FAAD


“ I love adding a light filler to naturally augment the beautiful lips our patients already have to make them appear more youthful and hydrated.”

- Kristin Rupert, MS, PA-C


“Though most people often think lip filler is meant to just increase size or volume of the lips, my favorite thing about it is actually the amazing hydrating effect that hyaluronic acid fillers achieve!”

- Mary Hanna, MSN, NP-BC


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