Understanding the Different Treatments for Scar Reduction

Understanding the Different Treatments for Scar Reduction

After your skin heals from damage and trauma, you may be left with scars. Facial scarring can weaken your self-confidence and remind you of difficult or even traumatic moments in your life.

If you’ve had skin trauma due to bad cystic or nodular acne, you can also be left with lasting scars that keep your skin from looking its best, even after you’ve resolved your acne issues.

That’s why the skin care specialists at Apex Dermatology of Westlake Village, California, offer multiple types of different treatments to help with scar minimization and removal. With the care of Dr. Karin Harp, Dr. Aria Vazirnia, Kristin Rupert PA-C, Mary Hanna BC-NP, Riley McCarthy RN and our team, you can regain clear, even skin that’s free of visible scars. We can address scars on your face or your body.

Stimulating collagen production

When your body heals after a trauma to your skin, you generate the protein collagen as part of rebuilding your skin. Collagen creates a layer or lattice under the surface of your skin that keeps it looking smooth.

Visible scarring can be the result of either too much collagen creation, leading to raised scars, or insufficient collagen, producing pits and depressions in the surface of your skin. Either way, cosmetic procedures can help reduce the appearance of scars, or even almost erase them.

Scar removal with laser treatment

At Apex Dermatology, we use state-of-the-art laser technology to stimulate new collagen growth and effectively resurface your skin. Laser treatment heats the deep layers of your skin, triggering new collagen production over the days and weeks after your treatment session.

We offer multiple types of laser treatment options for scarring, including:

Clear + Brilliant®

This mild laser treatment for acne scarring requires minimal post-session downtime and gradual scar improvement..

Laser Genesis

This treatment provides a gentle and effective method to stimulate new collagen production and address past and current acne scarring issues.  This is a great treatment to reduce acne scarring while helping calm active acne.  Combine with acne treatments to speed improvement.


This laser technique works to reduce red, purple, blue, or brown discoloration relating to scars.  Layering with Laser Genesis or Fraxel might be advised for customized scar reduction.


With this intensive laser resurfacing treatment, you can address moderate to severe facial and body scarring.  Come in and have a scar treatment consultation so we can show you the significant improvements one can see with Fraxel scar treatment.


This special pigment reduction laser can reduce or even out brown pigmentation.

Talk to our team about the best scar treatment option for you.

Scar removal with microneedling

We also use microneedling treatment to stimulate new collagen growth and to reduce the appearance of visible scars with the Rejuvapen™ system. Microneedling can also be used in combination with laser skin treatment for more effective results.  PRP (platelet rich plasma) can also be combined with treatments to boost collagen building capacity of the skin.

Radiofrequency microneedling with the Morpheus8 device can improve scars, tighten lax skin around scars, and reduce stretchmarks.

Microneedling is another way to kickstart and increase collagen production in your skin, while also breaking down existing scar tissue for a smoother surface. You start to see results after a few weeks. You may need repeat treatments spaced weeks or months apart to completely address extensive or severe scars.

To learn more about your options for scar reduction and erasure with Dr. Harp, Dr. Aria, Kristin Rupert PA-C, Mary Hanna BC-NP, Riley McCarthy RN and our team at Apex Dermatology, call now to book, or request an appointment with our online tool today.

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